About us


Joe works in the Airline Industry. Laura works in Healthcare. They both have a passion for travel and are exploring the world one weekend at a time.
Welcome to our blog!

We are Joe and Laura, two Canadians, born and raised in Montreal, who love to explore the world. Before meeting each other, we were both travelling a lot. We met in 2017 after realizing we had A LOT of friends in common, and immediately connected over our love for travel! Since Joe works for an airline, we get to travel on standby, which can be very exciting but also challenging at times. It allows us to leave for short periods of time (weekends!) and on short notice!

Joe is the laid-back one, never worried, always a few minutes away from missing his flight. He’s also super positive, sees the good in everything and everyone and willing to land a hand whenever needed.

Laura is the planner and likes to live purposely. She’s easy going and fun (except when hangry) and up for any adventure!

In 2021, our baby on standby, Milan, joined our travel crew and has transformed our adventures across the globe.

The idea of our blog is to share our life on standby, our travel destinations and itineraries, as well as some topics that are dear to our heart.

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